SIG Distribution


We work closely with The Sheffield Insulation Group (SIG), printing, fulfilling and distributing bespoke welcome packs to new customers.


We created packs includes multiple brochures and information sheets, personalised welcome letter and a USB drive (for which we are responsible for transferring data). All of these items are packed into a folder and distributed to the supplied databases.


Due to the ever-changing route to market for B2C and B2B customers, we are now offering a diverse range of events materials and direct mailing for the company. A few of which you can see below.



Website Gallery - SIG - dOCUMENT  - 1000x1000pxl


Website Gallery - SIG - BROCHURE - 1000x1000pxl _1


This is just one of many informative brochures we have produced for the company. 

Website Gallery - SIG Poster - 1000x1000pxl _1


These A1 poster were produced to spead the word of SIGs' new offices and were securely mailed to a wide B2B Customer database by our Mailing House.

Website Gallery - SIG - Display unit - 1000x1000pxl


We produced this promotional events booth with bespoke table box for SIGs' upcoming trade events in 2019