We currently operate the Gallagher Heath Insurance Services distribution contract. As an outsourced supplier taking care of all the document print and mailing for the multi-sites, we have significantly reduced their outgoings over the past 12 months and continue to show further reductions as more business is redirected to the Wakefield site.


GHIS have a large number of insurance schemes, of which all customer documents are printed, packed and mailed by us. Since taking on the contract in 2014, we have delivered a 100% 'zero breach' service. We know precisely how data security breaches can impact on a business such as GHIS; our clients' data and how it is dealt with is a definite priority of Printforms. We pride ourselves on having comprehensive information security systems in place and are currently working towards our 1SO27001 certification, which is scheduled for completion by 31st January 2016.



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We offer an invaluable service to GHIS, reducing costs and increasing efficiency;


"I wanted to change how the business viewed fulfilment and distribution across multiple offices; we had frequent customer data breaches, escalating costs, limited staff development and inconsistent service levels. All of this was acting as a distraction from our core business of insurance and therefore taking up a lot of Management time and resources. Selecting Printforms to help solve these problems was an excellent move for us, they worked closely with us to address all these issues, and they reduced our costs significantly while making the transition seamless within weeks, not months!"


Peter Cooper

Operations Director, A.J. Gallagher