Brocard – The Pocket Size Fold-Out With Big Potential

When you want to give people a lot of information they can keep and carry around with them, Brocard is the way. 

These handy fold-out brochures may be small enough to pop in your pocket, but they can make a BIG impact. Weighing next to nothing, these miniature brochures are highly tactile and can fold up and open out again in all sorts of combinations – concertinas, cross folds, pop-ups and more, with a choice of covers and finishes.

Brocard by Printforms is the perfect way to promote your product, announce your news, deliver your message and inform your public. They make great leaflets, mini brochures, maps, timetables and promotional items and their ability to get your target audience to retain information have been proven again and again.

If this sounds like something of interest then get in touch - email: or call: 01924 363686