We have achieved our ISO27001, yet again!

Posted on : 07/02/2019

We are proud to announce that, following our recent three year audit, we have successfully achieved our ISO27001 accreditation in Information Security Management Systems Certification (ISMS) yet again! 

This accreditation is essential to us and highlights our continued commitment to information security. We hope that by achieving this accreditation for another three years, we can assure potential and existing clients that we protect their data and reputation at all times.

If you are wondering, what does this mean for you and your business? 

The ISMS (Information Security Management System) we use at Printforms is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes everything from IT systems, data management, staff members personal information and general processes. 

ISO 270001 - 2019 !-3

When working with Printforms, we assess all these factors with our risk management process and generate a risk rating based on the severity of the risk and the likelihood of the risk occurring. If we simplify all of this, by working with our trusted team, you know your data, and your customers are as secure as can be.

We will continue to review and enhance our ISO27001 compliance to retain our accreditation in future audits and ensure that your data security is a top priority within our business.

Written by Creative & Marketing Executive Georgia Sidding