5 Ways How Customised Direct Mail Build Your Brand

Posted on : 03/06/2019

Improve your customer engagement with personalised Direct Mail.

The customers of 2019 live in an increasingly busy world, where they are bombarded by messages from both physical and digital mediums. However, now your customer has much less time to interpret all of those messages, which creates a communications conundrum that's hard for many businesses to overcome.


How is direct mail going to help?

Businesses of 2019 must maximise every opportunity to break through the noise and reach their end customers, and the envelope is one of the most overlooked opportunities out there.

Envelopes have the capability to be used for much more than the average administrative necessity or operational cost. If a company chooses to invest in custom envelopes, they have the choice to take advantage of the unused space on the front of each envelope. This in turn will raise the profile of their brand, increase mail response rates and improve mail production.

From unique sizes and shapes, colours and designs or content and messages, here are five ways custom envelopes help you build your brand.


1. Logo - The ultimate brand awareness advocate

A personalised envelope or direct mail campaign says more about your business than you might think. Why, because the presentation of your letter is just as important as the contents, and a personalised campaign with impressive graphics or bespoke dimensions is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression of your brand with your customers. A basic plain white envelope will do the job but will also be easily forgotten. However, one with your company's branding, a compelling message or eye-catching design has a much higher chance of making each recipient feel more familiar with your brand. Furthermore, becoming the new generation of Brand Advocates for your company/brand.


2. Graphics - Make your direct mail stand out from the crowd

Being original and creative is essential in today's competitive market. The average customer's attention span is only 8 seconds, meaning that when you send a campaign, you have a very small window in which to capture a customer's interest. Direct mail volumes have increased to above 149 billion pieces per annum! That means it has never been so important for companies to take every possible advantage to stand out.


postcard mail blog -  be bold - 2019


3. Colour - Be bold and send your message in style

Colourful Direct mail campaigns and envelopes can help to further distinguish your business and its mail from your competitors. In the case of direct mail alone, a study revealed 69 per cent of consumers are more likely to open an envelope with colour text and graphics than your everyday bland mailpiece. Even transactional mail or regular business communications offer a brilliant opportunity to customise your envelopes or direct mail campaign with vibrant, striking colours. Do hope your customers will see you, grab their attention with a simple pop of colour.


4. Direct - Speak to the customer directly

Direct mail campaign with personalised envelopes and messages offer the perfect chance to speak directly to each customer using necessary customer information, such as their first name. Even the simplest personalised message like - ("John, we have a great offer for you!") can make a significant impact on how its recipients receive your mail campaign. Past research showed that around 84 per cent of consumers are more likely to open a piece of mail if it's personalised to them directly.


5. Personal - Add that personal touch that builds customer engagement & relationships

Personalised mail campaigns are and improve user experiences for your customers. By simply choosing to go that extra mile and add personality to your campaign, you boost your campaign's effectiveness as a communications tool of your brand. Why not spark up some customer engagement through a direct mail competition, offer or story and start building up your business relationships.

The Printforms teams work with you to ensure your provided creative vision hits the mark. If you would like some more support, our team are happy to work with you on developing the idea from the start. We are focused on producing unique design concepts, tailor-made envelopes and packaging solutions. We focus on these important aspects to elevate your communications and brand, to ensure your messages resonate with the customer every time.


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So, are you ready to break away from the sea of emails with a customised Direct Mail campaign to grab your customers attention? Get in touch with our design team today to have your own personalised design created and produced. Lastly, have a look at the fun example of creative Direct Mail below to inspire you & to gear you up for that next big mail out.

We'd love to see your customised print creations. Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Twitter using @printformsltd or #Printforms for a chance to be shared.

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